Affiliate Disclosure

Our experts are always on the lookout for new mobile casinos you can play at, so you don’t have to do the searching yourself. We’re investing quite a bit in our team and equally as much into developing new methodologies and research strategies to get to the best casinos available. With that being said, certain funds are needed, and since we offer our service for free, we require alternative ways of making some cash so that we can keep going and keep pursuing our mission.

How Do We Collect Funds?

Our site does not run ads of any kind. We are of firm belief that ads have a very negative impact on the user experience of our visitors, which is why we choose not to include them. Not only that, but we believe that they’re a distraction and contribute nothing to our goal and simply interfere with our content.

Our site also does not accept any monetary compensation in exchange for reviews. We do not, and will never, accept cash in exchange for a favourable review, as we think this is an unfair practice and one that could be equalized to a bribe. To accept such a donation goes against our core principle of free service, so we chose other means of acquiring funds.

So, what are these means we’re talking about?

They’re affiliate links. We review sites, and, after they’ve satisfied our criteria for a good gambling platform, we will include links leading to those sites, and, each time you click on one of those links, we earn a small compensation. With that being said, we’re entirely dependent on those links to run our site.

How Does It Affect You?

Affiliate links do not affect you as a visitor in any way. Using the links will not warrant any kind of fee, and you can continue using our services without fear of being charged anything. As we said, our core principle is free service, as well as prime user experience, and we stand firmly by those principles, opting for affiliate links instead of ads or any other means of generating funds.

Thank you for your support for our mission!