New Betting Sites

The online betting market is steadily growing, and new betting sites are continually cropping up. Moreover, with new sites come ample bonuses, and you certainly don’t want to miss that. If you’re in search of such websites, have a look—here are ten of the best betting sites, and a list of the criteria we used to select them.

Key Features
Welcome Bonus

Free bets offered

Professional and responsive staff

T&C Apply.

Best odds guarantee included

Odds on par with big bookies’ odds

T&C Apply.

Larger bookmakers provide

Offering bets on American sports

T&C Apply.

A very generous free bets

Horse and greyhound races

T&C Apply.

Features eWallets as banking options

Excellent visual designs

T&C Apply.

eWallets as banking options

Very cool design, with black and ‘royal’

T&C Apply.

Very generous initial offer

Wide variety of payment options

T&C Apply.

Very generous initial offer

Wide variety of payment options

T&C Apply.

Free bet scheme for veteran punters

Features interesting and unusual betting

T&C Apply.

Excellent selection of sports

Solid banking options

T&C Apply.

Why Should You Look for a New Betting Site?

It’s hard to argue moving from a site like Bet365 when it requires taking your money to a new bookie you know nothing about. However, there are certain advantages that new betting sites in the UK bring. First and foremost, new bookies will work hard to impress you. This means better odds and, of course, better bonuses. Some bookmakers will go so far as to give you free bets, an offer that’s very hard to refuse.

But that’s not all. New sites will also not miss the chance to flaunt any new piece of technology they have. With that being said, new bookies could also offer cryptocurrency betting, something old sites might avoid because it may be hard for them to implement this new technology.

Finally, this might be a requirement for profitable punters. Online bookmakers have a long history of shutting down profitable punters’ accounts, so, as a veteran player with a track record, you might need to check out one of the new sports betting sites around the UK to be able to place your bet at desired odds.

Top 10 New Betting Sites

But, enough about that—let’s get down to the real reason you’re here. Here are ten of the best new bookies that will be more than happy to take your bets.


Free bets offered

Professional and responsive staff

Some exotic sports provided along with regular ones

MansionBet is one of the youngest bookmakers, but it’s a pretty decent one nevertheless. The site has an excellent selection of sports to bet on, including some very unusual ones. Namely, you can bet on futsal if you want, which is something you don’t see too often. The site also offers live betting and a cash-out feature, which is always a plus.

Regarding bonuses, MansionBet is relatively average. Although 50% up to £50 is a nothing to write home about, it’s not a bad welcome bonus either. However, this bookie also offers two free bet promos and a ‘money back if your horse is beaten by a head or less’ offer, which we liked quite a bit.

However, this being one of the new bookmakers and all, some things need improvement. For one, there is no best odds guarantee, which might prompt you to look for better odds for the desired sport elsewhere. On top of that, their banking options only include debit cards, and there’s a 48-hour pending period when withdrawing. Considering eWallets are, by and large, becoming a thing, we hope they introduce those options as well.


Odds on par with big bookies’ odds

Best odds guarantee included

Interesting daily offers and a substantial welcome bonus

SportNation.Bet is an old bookie in a new skin. The old site (called Bet On Brazil) was quite unimpressive, but since its overhaul, SportNation.Bet became one of the best new sports betting sites in 2020. One of the best things about the site is that its odds are comparable to odds offered by some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s a bold statement for a relatively new bookie, but one that is certain to draw customers in.

But what about bonuses and promotions? There’s nothing special there, or at least nothing out of the ordinary. You get a 50% bonus up to £100 on your first deposit, making them more generous than MansionBet, and some excellent daily specials, which are sure to spark some interest. They also guarantee the best odds, making SportNation.Bet go toe to toe with the best UK betting sites, such as Bet365 or BetVictor. However, like MansionBet, SportNation.Bet doesn’t feature banking options aside from credit and debit cards, and that’s always something they can improve.


One of the few betting sites offering bets on American sports

Similar odds to what larger bookmakers provide

RedZoneSports is quite an oddball compared to other betting sites on our list. This is because the site is an expert on American sports. Unlike most other new betting websites, RedZoneSports allows you to place bets on American football, baseball and basketball. What’s more, they’re incredibly driven by their passion, offering odds for Japanese baseball games! Regarding the odds, RedZoneSports comes very close to well-established names in the industry.

Their welcome bonus, however, is a little small, with 100% being offered, but only up to £25. Their casino bonus is substantially better. However, a 100% up to £500 bonus is rare these days. Unfortunately, like many new sports betting sites, RedZoneSports doesn’t feature eWallets as viable banking options. They do feature wire transfer, so that’s a plus. Their waiting times are also relatively long: 3–5 business days to process and transfer the money. Naturally, this can be an eyesore, but it’s not dissimilar to what’s going on at other bookies.


A very generous free bets and welcome bonus scheme

Specific offers for horse and greyhound races

A rebrand of McBride Racing, an established and reputable brand

Mintbet is one of the most generous among the new sports betting sites of 2020, for those who can keep up the pace. Mintbet offers a 100% welcome bonus up to £10. Not very interesting, you’d say, but that’s before you see that they’re offering the reward every week of the year. Mintbet gives you a total of £520 of free bets during the first year of your collaborating with them. However, to get your bonus, you have to place ten bets worth £10 per week. That sounds like a lot of bets, but if you manage to clear the bonus, then you’ll end up with a nice sum in your account at the end of the year.

That being said, Mintbet seems to be a bookie tailored to veteran punters, despite being on our new betting sites of 2020 list. Mintbet also puts great emphasis on horse and greyhound racing, guaranteeing the best possible odds and even money-back second offers on both.

Roy Richie

Exceptional number of sports to bet on

Very generous welcome bonus

Features eWallets as banking options

Excellent visual design of the site

The suavest of the suave, Roy Richie is perhaps the best looking betting site in the UK. The soft grey and brown tones are a reflection of the unbridled sophistication of Roy Richie itself and complement most wonderfully the smart and easy-to-follow layout of the site. However, looks aren’t the only good thing about Roy Richie. The bookie has a wide selection of sports for you to bet on, including some niche ones like ice hockey, futsal and eSports.

The welcome bonus is neat too—100% is offered up to 100 EUR, but you have a rollover to clear by betting 10 EUR at 1.8 odds. Still, clearing the bonus is not too complicated, and you’ll soon have 100 EUR to spend on whatever you want. Roy Richie also features eWallets as banking options. Considering bookies so far haven’t accommodated these options, it’s a massive plus for Roy, and it reinforces its position as the best betting site in the UK, as far as the new ones are concerned.


Includes eWallets as banking options

Exotic sports available for betting

Very cool design, with black and ‘royal’ purple themes

One of the less impressive, but still deserving its place among the best new betting sites, is BetRegal. The best thing about the casino is that is has a selection of niche sports for you to bet on. BetRegal features, among others, volleyball, American football, cricket, cross-country skiing, eSports and even badminton. The bookie also features eWallets as banking options, earning it a spot on our top new betting sites list.

However, there are some problems with the site too. For starters, the site can experience bugs. The front page will sometimes blink and refuse to load completely—something the bookie should address immediately. Furthermore, their initial bonus is a little less generous than that of most others. The bookie offers a 30% welcome bonus up to £50, which is 20% below what the common bonus sites on our list offer.


Very generous initial offer

Lots of sports to bet on, including exotic ones

Wide variety of payment options included

Our brand new betting sites list isn’t populated only by UK bookies, we’ve also got one from South America. Arguably one of the biggest bookmakers in South America, CampeonBet, has made its way to the British market, and we’re pretty glad it did. CampeonBet is very well known for its excellent starting bonus. When depositing, you get a 50% match bonus up to 150 EUR. Not only that, but after you clear the betting requirement, you can contact their support and get an additional 25 EUR as a free bet. Pretty neat, if you ask us!

CampeonBet also offers last minute bets, and you can bet on a wide variety of sports, including eSports. They’ve also had a special section dedicated to the World Cup in Russia. Their list of banking options is generous as well, making them one of the leaders among new betting sites UK players have on offer. The only thing amiss we found with CampeonBet is that some bonuses and promotions aren’t available for players from certain countries. However, CampeonBet is only getting acclimated to the European market, and we’re sure we’ll have those as well.


Relatively simple design and UI, easy to use

Standard welcome bonus

Good site for horse race betting

LeoVegas was, previously, exclusively a casino, but recently it also made a venture into the sports betting industry. As a result, LeoVegas Sportsbook has some ways to go before it can compete with the biggest names. Still, LeoVegas is simple enough to be dubbed one of the best betting sites for new customers and players. As far as promotions go, LeoVegas has got a standard 50% bonus up to £50, as well as a few others. The bonus is not available to deposits made through Skrill and Neteller. You’re also required to make a £10 stake to roll over the bonus. However, you can’t bet on horse races to clear the bonus.

On the other hand, the bookie does guarantee the best odds on horse races and puts quite an emphasis on them. LeoVegas is one of the top new betting sites because it includes a vast number of deposit and withdrawal options. You can use Neteller, Skrill, Trustly and Paysafecard as deposit options, but the site excludes Paysafe as a withdrawal option. They also feature debit cards, but you can only use a Visa to do business with them.


A generous free bet scheme for veteran punters

Good promotions covering greyhound racing

Features interesting and unusual betting options is a simple and to the point bookie, and that’s why we like it. The design of the site is minimalist, with everything being laid out to you and clearly visible, as it should be. gets its name from the thick black ink used to print out the winning horse’s name on the ledger. One of the curiosities at, and one of the reasons it landed on our new betting sites in the UK of 2020 list is their Specials section. This includes nonsporting events, and you can bet on things like elections, or events from the world of film and reality TV.

Regarding promotions, there are a few interesting ones at Blacktype. However, the most exciting promotion, or rather, scheme, is their free bet club. The scheme is, actually, similar to MintBet’s, where you get £10 worth of free bets if you place ten bets worth £10 during the week.

Mr Green

Excellent selection of sports to bet on

Several great features you can take advantage of

Solid banking options

The last entry on our new online betting sites list is the Mr Green Sportsbook bookie and casino. Mr Green is not exactly a newbie casino, as it has been in the business since opening in Sweden in 2008. However, it only recently made it to the UK market, but not before making a name for itself in the rest of Europe. By far the most impressive thing about Mr Green is their sports selection. At Mr Green, you can bet on nearly any sport, even a virtual one.

They also have an array of features to impress you with, featuring live betting, flexi-betting (allows betting a percentage of the betting unit), spread betting (betting based on spread out odds, rather than fixed odds) and Asian and European handicap, among others. Although it’s one of the best UK betting sites, when it comes to bonuses, Mr Green is underwhelming. They’ve got a rather unimpressive welcome bonus in place, but they’ve also got free bets, so it kind of balances out. Their banking options are solid too, as they include PayPal, debit and credit cards, eWallets and even bank transfer.

What Are the Criteria We Used?

Okay, that’s the list for you, but how did we know what to include in the list? Well, here’s another list—a list of the criteria we observed when investigating the best new online betting sites in the UK for this year.

Betting Options

There can’t be any betting if you’ve got nothing on offer to bet on. Usually, more is better, but it’s okay for a bookie to specialise in several markets, as long as they provide enough games or matches of a particular sport to bet on.

That being said, new bookies are usually going to focus on standard sports, like football, horse racing, tennis and the like. However, some include unexplored markets, like eSports, and these cannot only be fun to bet on, but very lucrative as well.

User Experience

Having a beautiful and accessible site design certainly helps. If the site’s UI is terrible, and if the player can’t find things, that will cause discontent and hurt the site’s traffic. As you might guess, traffic is vital for new betting sites in the UK if they wish to survive in the industry.

The best way to determine whether your experience at the site is enjoyable is to try it out yourself. Alternatively, you can look at the customers’ comments. User experience can also include how punters feel about offers, bonuses, promotions, and customer service, and it is consequently the least objective criterion.

Odds and Tips

If new betting sites’ offers regarding odds are bad, they’re more likely to be avoided. In the case of the sites on our list, we compared their odds to those of leading bookies in the industry and included only those who could either match or at least come close to them.

Streaming Options

If a site has live streaming along with live betting, it will be all the more appealing to punters. Being able to follow the development of a match or race makes betting all the more interesting, and the feature is guaranteed to be beloved by veterans and newbies alike.

Bonuses and Promos

One of the best things about new bookies is the bonuses and offers they have in store for you. Betting sites entice new customers with their offers, so they’ll probably spice them up until they’re almost irresistible. However, as a new punter, don’t just latch on to the welcome bonus. Look around and see what a bookie has to offer in the long run; recurring and seasonal promos can be much more lucrative than your 50% up to £50 welcome bonus will ever be.

Reputation and History

This criterion is pretty self-explanatory—you’re more likely to visit already established bookies than go for a slew of new horse racing betting sites around the UK that you’ve never heard about.

However, if the site doesn’t have a history or reputation, their operator does. Maybe the site is also a part of a reputable group that will guarantee, or at least hint at, the bookie’s quality.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

There can’t be any betting if you can’t deposit your money, and any winnings are worthless if you can’t withdraw them. Therefore, if new online betting sites want to impress, they need to have a wide selection of banking options to satisfy their customers. On top of that, a website should have reasonable processing times. Otherwise, its business will suffer. Not only that, but withholding payment is punishable by law.


All bookies, gambling sites, casinos and poker rooms must ensure their customers’ safety. Without proper security, a betting site cannot obtain a licence from the UKGC and will have all their licences revoked. A fine is also likely to be issued. Sites usually protect their channels with 128-bit SSL encryption, which is a staple in the industry.

Software and Platform

As we said with the reputation criterion, you can tell a lot about brand new betting sites based on their software provider. The best and most professional sites are usually operated by big names such as Microgaming or NetEnt, and you can be sure that their platform will be top-notch.

Customer Support

Customer support quality can make or break your experience at a betting site. Unresponsive and unhelpful support staff is going to be a significant problem at a website and perhaps an indication of its unprofessionalism. Such sites should generally be avoided.

Responsible Gambling and Fairness

The UKGC has stringent policies concerning responsible gambling. All sites have to have an indicated responsible gambling clause displayed, saying that they’re not supporting or promoting problem gambling behaviour. If it’s found out that one of the new betting sites encourages gambling addiction, it can result in fines and even revocation of their licence. The UKGC also requires all sites to be publicly audited and their RNG proved fair.

Licensing and Legal Considerations

Any gambling site must hold at least a UKGC license to operate in the UK. Gambling at bookies unlicensed within the UKGC jurisdiction is prohibited, and accepting bets from UK players while not having a permit will result in a substantial fine from the UKGC.

Final Words

And with that, we’ll wrap up our talk about new betting sites. All that’s left is for you to pick your site, grab that bonus and place a bet. And remember, gamble safely and responsibly.