New Poker Sites

Some people like to sit at one table, while others prefer to sit at many. If you’re one of the latter, then we have a surprise for you—a list of new poker sites for you to play at! And not only that, but we handpicked them based on very carefully considered criteria. So have a gander, and you might spot something to your liking.

Key Features
Welcome Bonus

Tried and tested software

Accessible to players around the world

T&C Apply.

Excellent player traffic

Good number of banking options

T&C Apply.

Compatible with Bitcoin wallets

Excellent diversity of players

T&C Apply.

Exceptional graphics

Excellent banking

T&C Apply.

Great withdrawal options

24/7 Customer Support

T&C Apply.

Exceptional customer service

Wide range of withdraw & deposit options

T&C Apply.

Why Look for New UK Poker Sites?

But why would you look for a poker site in the first place if you’re already playing at one? For one, bonuses! Every site has its rewards, and some are more generous than others—especially the new ones, as they want to draw more customers in.

Secondly, many players are looking for new sites because they’re getting bored with the old ones. Poker sites are a little sparse in numbers, so any new entry is welcome. New online poker sites also bring new technologies, making them more appealing than old sites. New graphics, improved gameplay, what’s not to like?

Finally, new sites bring new blood. This is a good thing for both new and veteran players. Old sites feature veteran players on them, so a new player is going to have some trouble winning against them and making profits. As for veterans, it’s a little harsh to say, but they’re bound to profit more from playing inexperienced players than experienced ones.


Tried and tested software

Accessible to players around the world

Compatible with Ethereum wallets

CoinPoker is a recently opened, cryptocurrency-based poker site. As such, they provide secure and dependable gambling, as well as fast payouts and short waiting times. CoinPoker’s RNG is proven to be first-class, made all the better by blockchain technology. They use CHPs (chips), which are based in Ethereum, but exclusive to their site. CoinPoker is also a partner of Pokernews, PokerTube and High Stakes Database, making the site all the more inviting.

CoinPoker also likes taking people to tournaments around the world. They’ve got two promotions, one taking you to Vietnam’s ATP Championship (though this one’s all but over) and another taking you on different tours, be it night or day. CoinPoker must be recognised as one of the top new poker sites 2020 had to offer so far.

Breakout Poker

Excellent player traffic

Excellent place for grinding and multi-tabling

Good number of banking options

Breakout Poker is another one of the brand new poker sites utilising cryptocurrencies to operate. It is also part of the prestigious Breakout Gaming Group that’s already established quite a few high-end casinos. The BGG boasts very high traffic, so there will always be plenty of players at the tables. Breakout Poker is also known for its high-quality security and quick and secure banking. They allow banking through Bitcoin exchange, Skrill, Neteller and many other options, with instant processing times for deposits.

However, when withdrawing, you’ll have to wait a few days before you can get your money, unless you’re using Bitcoin exchange or Breakout Coins (native Breakout cryptocurrency). Their promotions are also impressive—200% up to $1000 on your first deposit with 100% rakeback, and a very extensive VIP programme involving Fish Buffet Points. All in all, Breakout is one of the best new poker sites gamblers have on offer in the United Kingdom.

GG Poker

Compatible with Bitcoin wallets

Excellent diversity of players

Bonus cash on your first three deposits

GG poker is one of the best poker sites for beginners in both the UK and around the world. Formerly an Asian poker site, GG Poker steadily gained popularity in the Western hemisphere, so now anyone can enjoy it. The site has good traffic, so you’ll always have someone to play with. They’ve also got some fun features, like Hand Moments so you can share your royal flush with friends. They’ve also got All-in Insurance—we don’t have to explain why that’s good. Safety and speed are staples at GG poker. Banking options and waiting times are reasonable, though they may vary based on your region. For any problems, you can contact their support via mail; however, they don’t have a live chat.

Bonuses and promotions are also abundant at GG Poker. To keep players interested, GG Poker features deposit bonuses on your first three deposits, all of them being 200% up to $500. They’ve also got a loyalty programme based on points. Still, GG Poker is a beginner’s casino and won’t be as profitable for the grinders who live off poker. Even so, it’s a fun site to visit among the new poker sites in the UK, and they also accommodate Bitcoin, so it’s all the more inviting.

Ultima Poker

One of the few sites offering a no deposit bonus

Exceptional graphics

Excellent banking

Ultima Poker is one of the most recently opened sites on our list. However, the site garnered a bit of controversy over bots playing you and leading you on, software bugs, and some bizarre occurrences. Still, these reports are about six months old, and Ultima has been working hard to fix any issues. With their software now in order, Ultima Poker is a real beauty. Not only does the site work well, but it’s also a beauty to look at. Excellent graphics are guaranteed to draw players in and make the stay more enjoyable. We would hate to leave a bad Ultima Poker review, so we salute all their effort in making the site a decent poker room.

Aside from excellent graphics, Ultima also boasts marvellous bonuses. They’ve got a whopping 400% welcome bonus up to $2000 that’s hard to match. However, they’ve got one bonus that stands out among the others. Ultima Poker is also one of the few poker sites in the UK that offers a no deposit bonus. You only get about ten bucks, but still, very few poker sites provide that kind of bonus. As far as payment options are concerned, Ultima supports pretty much every prominent banking option. The waiting times aren’t too bad, with Skrill and Neteller being the fastest and Bitcoin coming in second. Ultima also has a no withdrawal limit on Neteller and Skrill.

Dream Vegas

Amazing bonuses

Great withdrawal options

24/7 live chat

While not a dedicated poker site, Dream Vegas is one of the best places to play online poker—and not just in the UK. White Hat Gaming has outdone itself with this online casino. Dream Vegas is one of the rare websites that offer services in several languages. As far as promotions and bonuses go, there’s an astonishing welcome bonus of 200% up to £2500 and 50 Extra Spins on your first deposit.

Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming promise that you’ll have a lot of fun playing at one of the most interesting new poker sites on offer at the moment. As for the technical aspects of the site, it’s an excellent place to play a little poker. The software works well, and you can play live poker whenever you want. There are a few nice features, like unlimited withdrawals, a friendly chat that works 24/7 and a Vegas-like vibe. They possess a UK gambling license which makes it perfectly safe to gamble at this website.


Several welcome bonuses, tailored to all kinds of players

Interesting and easily obtainable promotions

Exceptional customer service

Last, but not least, is the RedKings casino and poker room. They’re not one of the new poker sites in the UK, but they might as well be, considering their transfer from Ongame Network to Microgaming—a welcome change in the eyes of their customers. Transferring to Microgaming improved the gameplay at the casino and introduced a brand new security system. But what about their promotions? Well, you’ve got a nice little pool of offers to choose from. All of them are 100% match, but different sums, with the largest being 1500 EUR and the smallest only 50 EUR.

The bonuses are paid over ten steps, similar to Ignition, with larger sums being harder to clear than smaller ones. RedKings has also got a VIP programme and many smaller promotions. One of the most interesting is the 500 EUR bonus you win if you lose with a pair of red kings. Customer service is top notch at RedKings too. The casino allows you to get in contact with them by telephone or email around the clock. It doesn’t feature a live chat, though, something most, if not all, new online poker sites have.

Evaluation Criteria

Okay, now that we’ve got the list down, how did we make it in the first place? How did we know which sites are good and which ones are bad? We had to have some criteria, right? Naturally, we did. And we’ll tell you what those criteria are so you can do your own research if you don’t think our list is enough.


Of course, we start by evaluating the casino’s features. This usually comes down to the number and types of games they’re offering. However, games aren’t the only features at new UK poker sites. There are also features like Bad Beat that provide a nice little cashback to losing players—something newbies are sure to enjoy.

With that being said, more games are better, but it can bifurcate the player base, as different players sit at different tables. On the other hand, a small number of games might get boring quickly and can hurt the site’s traffic in the first place.

User Experience

What’s the second thing you look at when researching a poker site? The best sites to play poker have genuine user reviews. A casino might look good on paper, have generous bonuses and plenty of games, but if the users aren’t pleased with the site’s performance, then that’s a definite red light, and a sign you might want to skip this one.

Having said that, user experience depends on the site’s software, UI, compatibility and personal taste. A place with terrible UI and buggy gameplay is doomed to have few players, regardless of their excellent offers and astonishing game library.

Payouts and Fees

This is one of the most crucial criteria when determining the best sites to play poker at. A site that puts exorbitant fees on their banking methods, and, even worse, withholds payouts, is not worth considering. These clauses are usually written in fine print, so you have to sift through the terms and conditions. You certainly don’t want to get a nasty surprise when you look at your credit card report and see numbers that shouldn’t be there.

Bonuses and Promotions

The reason to start and keep playing, bonuses and promotions are an essential part of any poker site. All poker sites have some kind of welcome gift that entices the visitors to play, but it’s the constant promotions that keep the ball rolling. These promotions can come in many shapes and sizes. Some offer cash back when you lose, some when you win with a particular combination, and almost all sites have a VIP programme. Poker sites also host tournaments and offer tournament tickets. Race rakes are typical kinds of promotions as well. Some new poker sites offer a no deposit bonus too, which can be particularly appealing.

However, though bonuses and promos might look enticing, there’s one catch, and that’s roll-over. A bonus is virtually worthless if the wagering requirement is unattainable. You’d best steer clear of such sites. Finally, there’s the rakeback. A poker site that offers a generous rakeback is much more profitable to play at. It is estimated that professional grinders earn as much as $50,000 a year of rakeback alone.

Reputation and History

Playing at a new poker site entails risk because you’re entering uncharted waters. That’s why it’s important to check the site’s reputation and history. Usually, you can do that by checking the customer reviews. An established poker site, like Party Poker, is sure to create a following and most likely have a good number of players at its tables. However, a new website needs to make a name for itself, and a player needs to be wary of scams and bots playing at tables.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

A reasonable sum of money earned is worth nothing if the poker site doesn’t have appropriate banking options so you can withdraw it. When looking for the best new poker sites, be sure to check out their banking options, and if you have a way of both depositing your money and getting it off the site. If not, keep looking.


It is paramount for a poker site to have strong security measures to protect their players from cyber theft. Even with blockchain technology being employed at crypto poker sites, there is a way for hackers to penetrate and steal personal information and player’s hard-earned cash. That’s why almost all poker sites use SSL encryptions, usually 128-bit, which is an industry standard.

Another way of protecting the players is anonymous tables. Anonymous tables can often protect players from being targeted by sharks. Whether you’re a good or bad player, you might become a target of the so-called shark (or a group of them) and end up ripped off. Anonymous tables, at least in theory, will prevent that.


Though this is not a crucial factor when making a list of best new online poker sites, it is still quite significant. A good website will also be powered by a good software developer (NetEnt, WMS, Yggdrasil), but that doesn’t mean that a less prominent developer doesn’t provide adequate software. Still, it’s better to go for poker sites that are powered by a recognisable name than otherwise.

Customer Support

Having excellent customer support is a good measure of professionalism for a poker site. Having a trained, knowledgeable and responsive staff is a staple of a first-class poker site or casino. If other customers are frequently complaining about a site’s customer support, it’s probably a good indication that you might want to avoid it.

Responsible Gambling

Any casino or poker site must have a ‘responsible gambling’ clause clearly visible. Otherwise, they cannot operate. Sites that promote problematic gambling behaviour are to be avoided since the law prohibits supporting bad gambling habits.

Licensing and Legal Considerations

When it comes to playing online poker, UK players can rest assured that it’s completely safe on verified websites. A proper poker site must have obtained licences from leading gambling authorities. These usually include the UKGC, as well as the Gibraltar and Malta authorities. A site that does not hold a reputable licence should be avoided. Playing at an unlicensed poker site is prohibited to UK players, and offering such services to a UK player results in a hefty fine for the operator. By UK law, all casinos, poker sites, bookies and even individual games must be publicly audited, and their RNG proved fair.

Final Words

And with that, we’ll wrap up our list of the new poker sites to play at. Now, all that’s left is for you to pick your poison and register—or perform research yourself, guided by our criteria. Have fun and play safely and responsibly.