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Mobile Casinos – The Future of Gambling Is Here

I bet you’ve thought about how much fun you are missing while doing some necessary but ultimately dull activities. Say, while queueing up somewhere or commuting.Only too often, such moments feel like an unavoidable waste of time, but they could yield so much more.With a touch of luck and a hint of strategic approach, you can turn them around and make some profit while having the time of your life.A smart phone would also come in handy, as numerous casinos have taken the necessary steps to make mobile casinos a reality to fill your pocket to the brim with excitement.Now, even the most tedious of moments can be jazzed up by the adrenalin injection only mobile gambling can provide! 

“Gambling Should be fun not an obsession”

Many popular online casino games can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, if you are of age. All respectable casinos apply strictly over 18 policy, by the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.I firmly believe that such thrills have to be enjoyed responsibly, both in terms time and monetary investment; otherwise, the fun they bring dies out quickly, supplemented by stress and obsession.I view online gambling as a nice source of entertainment, a small window of excitement, which can spread the buzz over other daily activities.However, if it becomes something more than that, if it assumes a more pivotal role in your life, I recommend checking the self-assessment tool of GamCare. After all, your smart phone should help you control your life better, instead of being a gateway to trouble.Conducting the necessary research beforehand is an inevitable part of this responsible approach to online gambling.My experience with the mobile gambling world has grown considerably over the last couple of years. It hasn’t always been the most pleasant exposure, but some lessons had to be learned the hard way.Unlike some exclusively praiseful reviews of some best mobile casinos, I will share with you tips and hints how to avoid traps and how to recognize scams outright.Quite a few casinos offer no deposit mobile casino bonus and insane free bonus spins without protecting your personal data, guaranteeing payouts or even a secured connection between your mobile device and their servers.Well, that's a problem with almost every internet business in the present times. But, if you are looking for UK mobile casinos no deposit bonus I have a solution. At the bottom of this mobile casinos review, there is a short list of the best mobile casinos UK – establishments with proven record and untampered technology – and I even listed down the popular games they provide.You can check the winners by category - mobile casino no deposit if you are keen on starting with best mobile casinos with no deposit required.I can only hope that my advice would help you enjoy the thrill of mobile gambling in a responsible and carefree manner.But before that let me explain how I got there and figured best mobile casinos UKThe Research MethodAs far as interface and overall feel are concerned, I rely on my experience with software evaluation in general and mobile gaming apps in particular.Online casinos strive to deliver unforgettable atmosphere and, for the most part, are quite successful at that.I rate the support also based on personal experience, but I use official reviews and reports from customer impressions, too.Mobile casinos free bonuses and the number of games are quite easy to spot, as all online casinos, UK-based or otherwise, promote these heavily to attract newcomers.One of the biggest issues with online casino reviews is the controversial information you can find on the web when it comes down to specific payout numbers.When evaluating their payout rates, I quote reports from eCogra and/or the information the casinos publish after official audits have taken place.  RTP numbers vary from month to month as those audits happen regularlyThe Unique Advantage Mobile Casinos ProvideThe main advantage of mobile casinos is the strategic convenience. You can play a game or two anywhere, at any time. The app interface of the best mobile casinos is enjoyable and easy to use.Carrying a real mobile casino in your pocket is very convenient for a good number of reasons.More than anything, gambling for short moments, scattered throughout the day, boosts your winning chances in a couple of ways.First, the factor of tiredness is largely removed because you can use these moments as a pleasant diversion from the chores of the day. You are more focused and alert, able to make better decisions.Second, having breaks from the casino allows you to think more clearly and to put potential losing streaks in perspective. Losing money isn’t nice, but losing your cool is way worse. Mobile gambling reduces the chance of tilting over a streak of unsuccessful bets.The combination of the two – playing fresh and for short snippets of time – increases the enjoyment of mobile gambling by quite some margin and helps you to stay on top of your game.Oh, and there is a third factor to consider:  free bonuses offered by mobile casinos. More on them later.(link this to the bonuses part)I find that this gambling on mobile casinos approach certainly underlines the fun factor, ultimately reducing the possibility of developing unhealthy gambling habits.

Mobile Casino AppsHardly a surprise, Android, and iOS are the dominant forces here.Android devices comprise nearly 80% of all smart phones in the world, while iOS holds the rest of the market. In the UK the numbers favour iOS much more, but the fact remains; these two platforms hold sway of the market.All the best mobile casinos have developed casino apps for these two platforms.If you are among the selected few who use Windows phone or Blackberry, the chances are that you’d have to access the casino through your web browser. Naturally, this is possible on Android or iOS as wellInstalling the app brings several advantages, but playing through the browser is a perfectly legit choice, too.The casino apps allow you store your data and access the games with a single tap. Depending on how optimized they are, the casino apps may need less data than browsers.On the other hand, through the browser, you’d have access to more games because you’d be visiting the virtual casino with all its functionality and perks. However, not all games have been adapted for mobile browser yet.Additionally, in case your phone gets lost or stolen, nobody could access your account, whereas a casino app would have all your data saved, providing instant access.Either way, if you want to play through an app on an Android smart phone, you’d have to use your browser first to access the casino and download the necessary software as Google Play Store won't list gambling apps.iOS users can obtain a decent amount of casino apps through iTunes.Whichever type of mobile device you use, your in-app account would be synchronized with your primary casino account, reflecting all activity.One important factor to consider when browsing through casino mobile reviews is the support of the establishment.I’ve dealt with more types of online technology than I could remember and one thing is universally true: issues arise more often than anyone would like. Bugs, incompatibilities, application crashes during a transaction, loss of signal and what not can harm your online experience.Having an adequate and knowledgeable support team from the company is a tremendous advantage.Games for Mobile GamblingWhen the digital revolution spread across the casinos, they were quick to move to fully interactive websites.Over the years their online platforms have only grown and evolved. They are full of fun games, which are presented in a distinguished style, providing the aesthetically pleasing user experience.Going mobile is relatively new, but many online casinos are promoting this way of gambling actively. As a result, there are promotional offers like no deposit mobile casino free spins, mobile casino no deposit welcome bonus for using their mobile app.Indeed, the games available are fewer, but the bonuses and the convenience of using a casino app are very seductive perks.Naturally, the presence of most popular games like slots, Black Jack, poker, roulette, and baccarat can be found throughout the mobile apps of all reputable online casinos.Some of these games are more suitable for mobile devices than others, with slots being the perennial favourite. You can find many mobile online casino reviews about how smooth and immersive playing slots online is.It makes perfect sense, as slots rely heavily on chance and virtually all online games use Random Number Generators (RNG).It is a perfect match. The online mobile casino format allows slot games to include bonus levels, hidden spins and other perks unavailable in the real world. For example – just going through some mobile slots reviews you can find tons of mobile slots no deposit bonus and no deposit mobile casino free spin detailsA quick search through the options reveals that there are hundreds of iterations, with different reward structures and styling. You can bask in the radiance of Playboy models or take a few spins in the magical realm of Avalon, whichever sails your boat.Online slot machines are numerous, attractive and tailored for every taste.Honestly, I find this form of gambling the least attractive, but many claims that the slots, mobile or not, are instant win games. I don’t like how big a role luck plays there.I prefer to gamble with a degree of strategy involved and can tell you that Hold ‘Em and Black Jack are very enjoyable through most of the apps I’ve tried.Card games play well on mobile devices and poker has found its new home online for many years now. I used to play in online tournaments before, but they take too much time, once you start winning. At some point, it feels like a grind rather than pleasure.In many online casinos, you have the possibility to sit at a table, play a few hands and then go about your daily business. The advantage over sites dedicated entirely to poker is that the player base is a bit smaller. This reduces the chance of having unpleasant interactions with other users but also helps your chances of winning, as knowing the opponent is a key factor in poker.These benefits extend over another favourite card game. Black Jack thrives in the world of mobile gambling. Smooth interface, quick games, and immersive experience make it a popular choice.Roulette’s gameplay needs some adaptations to fit the smaller screens of most mobile devices. With tablets, this is not necessarily true, but on cell phones, the screen often must be separated in two, with the betting phase and the actual spins presented on separate screens, but it is easy to get used to it.If anything, I find mobile bingo much more attractive and engulfing that its real-life counterpart. The lobbies I’ve seen are pretty and interactive, and the game itself doesn’t drag on forever. It is longer than most poker games, but it has its moments.Just like slots, the iterations and variations are incalculable, but the digital interface makes it much easier to follow the game and determine whether you win or not. Some mobile apps provide meta information as well: how many bingos are left in the round, how many players participate and how many have won already.As you can see, albeit slightly more limited, the choice of popular games available on most casino apps can suit any taste. Whether you fancy a quick wink at Lady Luck’s direction with a few free spins of the slot machines or you want to test your new, elaborate Hold ‘Em strategy, the key is in your pocket.Software Providers and SecurityKnowing who is behind the gaming software is the first step in determining how reliable and secure the platform is. Many UK casinos have a reputable and long history, but when it comes to online technology, they are not the ultimate authority.It is the history and portfolios of the software companies making the mobile apps that matter the most.I won’t bore you with details about how things work on the backend. Suffices to say that the major producers of software for the best mobile casinos are: NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. Together they power more than half of all online gambling activities.Online casinos, who run their software automatically exhibit a degree of trustworthiness, even though having a secure and functional platform is only one side of the story.The other factors, which determine the integrity of any, even the best online casinos, include reliable payouts, genuine RNG, secure data transfer and data storage.Some shady casinos tend to have poorly executed mobile apps, but even when the application is polished and functional, they don’t provide any real means of encryption and data protection.One easy thing to check is whether the site of the casino is behind an SSL certificate. If the connection is not encrypted, navigate away immediately. All you need to check is the HTTPS instead of HTTP in the browser.One other thing you can do is while visiting the site of the casino make sure to check its partner network. Reliable online casinos have numerous partners and the seals of regulating authorities displayed on their home page. Look specifically for seals of approval from eCOGRA, GLI or TST, who check the RNG algorithms and payout rates.Mobile casino reviews also help to gauge other, more convoluted factors like payouts and levels of customer satisfaction. In case you have an unsavory experience, leave a note on our site to spread the word and protect other users from being scammed.Payment and SecurityUK mobile casinos are regulated well, and the available payment methods are quite convenient and secure.Of course, you can always deposit funds via credit or debit card directly on the casino site. Having a bank card often is necessary for payouts. Another attractive payout option is direct bank transfer, while e-wallets like PayPal are supported less than I’d like. Apart from these traditional ways, you can deposit directly through your smart phone, as well.The easiest – and most secure way – is regulated by the UK government through Payforit. It sets the rules of such transactions and AIME, Ofcom, and PhonepayPlus endorse it. Boku is probably the biggest carrier billing operator in the UK at the moment.Mobile casino deposit by phone bill is an easy process. In essence, it is a simple deduction of the amount you wish to deposit from your phone credit. If you are on contract, the deposit is added to your monthly bill. No bank account details or credit card information is passed.What is more, in the UK, online mobile casinos tend to give free bonuses for launching their mobile app for the first time.Other than being very fast and secure, paying by phone bill on Mobile Phone casinos helps with responsible gambling. It has a relatively low daily deposit limit. For some, this is an advantage, a safeguard against excessive betting. For others, it is an unnecessary restriction.I lean toward the former opinion because whoever has succumbed to the obsession of gambling would find a way to bet more and more, but such soft barrier against big deposits can curb some unhealthy enthusiasm.I find that the limited deposits make me approach every session with a strategy and focused mind. Having limited funds allows me to enjoy the moments of play completely.It is the limits that make small pleasures stand out and be truly meaningful, for unlimited access takes away a significant portion of the excitement.Sign-up BonusesI already mentioned a few times in this online casino review about the bonuses available - a powerful marketing strategy used by most of the online casinos and betting sites. Most casinos offer mobile casino free bonus no deposit required on sign-up or when you make your first deposit with them. Many also offer additional bonuses for using their mobile app. There are plenty of online mobile casino no deposit bonus schemes, and many online and mobile casino reviews rate the establishments solely according to the size of these free bets and free spins.The main issue I have with this approach lies in the fact that many illegal mobile casinos provide extremely lucrative sign-up and free no deposit bonuses. Often, their offers are too good to be true.With this being said, legitimate establishments offer pretty sweet deals too.Just don’t let the bonus figures cloud your vision. Always check the casino history, the software provider and the seals of certification, guaranteeing fair play and transparency.If you don’t want to be bothered with additional research, simply check the list below for safe betting options.Fair playBy far the most difficult part of this online casino review was to acquire reliable, independently audited information about the payouts.Some casinos publish the numbers of their websites, but in many other cases, the digging for data was quite extended.A simple Google search on payout percentages returns a staggering amount of pages, listing even includes a greater number of casinos. The trickiest part is that, despite their variations and apparent contradictions, these numbers are not necessarily wrong. Usually, they are from different time periods and concern different categories of games.Casinos have different payout rates for slots, poker, Black Jack and virtually anything you can bet upon.Again, keep in mind the numbers listed below are valid as of July 2017. They report the average payout values so far this year but are subject to change, nonetheless.Top Mobile Casino ChoicesGame selection Mobile Wins Casino is the undisputed leader here, with over 200 games in total and more than 100 available in their mobile app.Spin Genie boasts the most impressive collection of slots. More than 150 ways to test your luck await, together with a decent selection of other games.Bet365 Vegas has a wide selection of games, including sporting bets. Their mobile app supports more than 100 different games.Best bonusesBetway Mobile Casino starts you off with £10 no deposit bonus, which is nice. Then it proceeds to match your next three deposits, up to £1000.Ace Kingdom Casino matches your deposit bonuses three times, up to £900, with the impressive 200% match on the entry deposit. On top of that, they have decent refunds on Fridays, given that you play on the mobile app.Kerching! Total bonuses are “only” £500, but they match 100%, 100% and 150% of the first three deposits. They have unlockable promotions, which are pretty sweet.

RTPBet365 Vegas reports one of the highest total payout percentages of 97.29%, but the slots aficionados better look for another place to spin their luck, as the payout in this category is only 94.41%. Card game lovers can enjoy a payout rate steadily above 98% across the board.Betway Mobile Casino publishes theoretical RTP on its site, which is a nice guide. The eCogra metrics record above 97% slots payout, same as most table games of the casino. The poker games score slightly above 96%.Red32 Casino records above 96% on average in payouts for 2017, with slots also hovering around 96%, according to the eCogra audits.SupportBet365 Vegas has one of the friendliest and most professional customer support teams in the industry.Spin Genie has been incredibly successful over the past few years, largely thanks to the excellent customer service experience they provide.Reel Island has excellent and accessible customer support, which is ready to help 24/7 via live chat and email.SoftwareNetEnt – certainly the biggest provider of online casino games.Playtech – powers an ever growing number of casinos with a slick design.Microgaming – specializes in slots and mobile games.Mobile appsBetway Mobile Casino features a multitude of games and one of the top performing online casino apps out there. Slick and smooth, its interface is stylish and minimalistic, optimized for max performance.The Ace Kingdom has one of the best mobile apps available. Impressive functionality and customization will make you come back for more, even if it is just for sitting in the lobby.Spin Genie has an impressive mobile gambling portfolio, including its own game called Slingo Riches – a marvelously entertaining hybrid between slots and bingo.Best payment solutionsBet365Vegas supports all kinds of payment methods: PayPal, Ukash, Skrill, debit and credit cards, cheque and much more. The best part is that you can withdraw and deposit using one and the same medium.Slingo can process deposits through MasterCard, Visa, Maestro but also via Boku, which is excellent news for mobile users. Withdrawals are handled through bank transfer, which takes 3-7 days to complete, but the process is smooth and easy.Spin Genie also accepts funds via the most popular bank cards and Boku. Their withdrawal options are limited to bank transfers, but the experienced and expedient support makes everything happen in the blink on an eye.
Q: Does mobile casino apps require internet connection?
A: Yes, when playing for money. Many games can be tested in offline mode, without money being involved.
Q: Can I play against other players?
A: Yes, games like poker typically require some real players.
Q: Why can’t I find the mobile casino app in Google Play Store / Apple Store?
A: Many casino apps are not listed there. You’d have to check the site of your casino and download the application from there.
Q: I don’t want to use my credit card for payments or withdrawals. What else can I do?
A: Check with the casino, as they usually provide numerous ways of payment and payout.

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