Privacy & Cookie Policy

This Privacy and Cookie Policy determines how PlayMobi (henceforth known as “Website”, “we”, “us”) collects, uses, and protects information. The Privacy Policy refers to and applies to any personal and impersonal information we collect.

What Information We Collect

The personal information the Website collects only pertains to your name and email address. Such information cannot be taken without your consent, and any visitor will be asked to provide such information if they choose to.

In addition to your name and email, we collect your IP address. Such information is obtained only as a means of implementation of cookies and is not used for any other reasons. Obtaining a visitor’s IP is a widespread practice on the internet, and it’s done to improve the user experience of said visitors.

We also collect impersonal information, such as site visits from you and visitors in general. Such information is for internal use by our site only, in order to do research about the traffic on our site. This information cannot, and will not, contain and personal information.

How We Use the Information

The usage of collected information must be presented to the visitor before it is collected. Any promotional emails will require a subscription from the visitor before it is sent, and will not be sent otherwise. Cookies and personal information are strictly used for personalizing your feed and getting you the most relevant content, as well as for resolving any complaints and problems you might have with us.

Who Do We Share the Information With

We share the information collected with no one. Selling, renting, distribution and divulging of any personal information is a punishable offence in the UK law. However, we might divulge the information if:

  • The government or relevant government agency requests we do so.
  • We need to protect our property and rights.
  • We suspect foul play and/or fraudulent use of our site by the visitor that ought to be brought to the attention of the government or relevant government agency.


PlayMobi assures its visitors that all the information is protected from cyber theft, unlawful accessing, distribution, sale and rent by all security installations deemed appropriated by the UK government and relevant government agencies.

External Links

Our Website contains external links. We are not liable for any damages and injury that arose from following these links, nor the content the links are tied to, as we do not control the content behind those links, nor the business practices of the sites the links are pointing to.

Cookie Policy

“Cookies” are small files placed onto your hard drive by the server. Cookies cannot, and will not, run and malware or other programs. The only use of cookies is to personalize your feed and bring you the relevant content. You may disable the cookies at any time, but doing will reflect negatively on your user experience.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies can be disabled in your browser. Please, refer to the links below to disable the cookies on your browser or choice.

Changes to Policy

PlayMobi reserves the right to change any policies presented at any time to accommodate changes in business practices or to accommodate changes in UK law. In case of policies changing, the visitors will be promptly informed about in on the site itself.

By using our services you agree to our Privacy and Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to our Policy, please refrain from using our services.